Funded by the CDC and led by UnidosUS, this year-around national 360 bilingual advertising campaign includes TV/Digital video and radio ads, social media ads, paid social influencers, and dedicated microsites. The ads target both Latino Millennials and Spanish-dominant, less acculturated Latinos.


We have worked with numerous medical and lifestyle Influencers, large and small, to engage diverse Latinos across the US.


We helped develop content-relevant microsites both in English and Spanish. These microsites serve as hubs for accurate Covid-related info.

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Screen Shot 2021-12-09 at 4.38.58 PM

Digital Banners

Digital banner ads of all shapes and sizes also play a role in helping to raise awareness and to drive traffic to the microsites.

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Digital Radio Ads

Digital audios ads of different lengths play a critical role in driving frequency and storytelling to audiences that need more education on the topic of Covid-19 vaccines misinformation.

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Social Media Listening

Last but not least, we leverage various social media listening to detect and dimensionalize various vaccine-related misinformation topics, sources, and perpetrators through the year.

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